About SC Clips

SC Clips is an affordable, new daily information digest of what’s happening every business day in South Carolina. Subscribers receive a daily e-mail news round-up before 10 a.m.that provides a link to each day’s edition of SC Clips.

Each issue (click for sample) provides a concise summary of dozens of the latest newspaper and television reports of news with statewide impact, politics, business and local stories. Readers also will be able to link to key opinions by South Carolina’s editorial writers.

If it’s news in South Carolina, you’ll find it every business day in SC Clips.

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Our team

Every business morning when you’re probably still asleep, the Statehouse Report team is preparing SC Clips.

    • The team leader is Andy Brack, editor and publisher of Statehouse Report. Brack, a syndicated columnist and communications strategist, is a former newspaper reporter and U.S. Senate press secretary.
  • Betsy Brack serves as associate editor. A graduate of Duke University, she has more than 15 years of experience in public relations and media writing.

Our sister publication — a legislative forecast

SC Clips is a subscriber-based service of Statehouse Report, a comprehensive legislative and policy forecast published weekly during the legislative season and biweekly for the rest of the year.

By combining the daily power of SC Clips with the analysis offered in Statehouse Report, readers will have powerful information at hand as they set and influence public debate in South Carolina.

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More information

If you want more information on SC Clips, please send an e-mail or phone for information: 843.670.3996.

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