What they say

Business leaders really enjoy their daily issue of SC Clips.  It saves them time.  It saves them money (because it saves them time and because they don’t subscribe to multiple media outlets).  And it offers a broader perspective for leaders by breaking down regional barriers.

One subscriber even told us that he couldn’t start his business day without a cup of coffee and opening the daily Clips.

Here’s what other devoted readers of the service say.  If you’d like to try a free trial, click here.


Quickest way to view the news I want

I just want to say how much I enjoy SC Clips!  When it first came out, I thought, “Oh gosh, another publication with the same news I just read in the local paper.”  Not so!  It’s the quickest way now for me to truly view clips and decide what I need to know (by reading the full story), or just getting the “Cliff Note version.”

— Beverly Frost, Columbia, S.C.


No better way to save time

“There’s no way one person can read all the newspapers in South Carolina every day by 9 a.m. and even if you could, you wouldn’t want to spend your time that way. SCClips does it for you; you simply scan their one sentence summaries from stories across the state, and click on only the stories you are interested in. There’s no better way to save time and still keep up with what’s going on in South Carolina.”

Jim Nelems, CEO, The Marketing Workshop, Inc.


Quick access to information I need for my business

“My business operates on the coast and Midlands of South Carolina. SC Clips is a great service because it’s a concise summary that gives me quick access to the information I need keep my business on the cutting edge.”

John Rama, president, Sonitrol Security Systems


My morning dose of reality

SC Clips is my morning dose of reality when I arrive at work. I can scan very quickly the “slant” of various media and better interpret political and business news released in the state. Also helps me get a bigger perspective on politics and the impact on the issues I have to manage.”

Charleston public affairs executive (name withheld by request)


Quick daily overview of all the state’s important news

“With a very limited budget for newspaper subscriptions, we have found SC Clips very useful in keeping up with what’s going on in communities around the state. It’s a great resource that gives us a quick daily overview of all the state’s important news.”

— Columbia public affairs professional (name withheld by request


Valuable to me and key state officials

“Early each morning we have all the clips from across South Carolina, and as your Sister State, this is invaluable to me and key State Government officials who deal with matters in our Sister State relationship. … As you would imagine it is a tremendously advantageous to us as South Carolina’s Sister State in Australia, to be up to date with developments, especially during the election campaign, but also in the wide range of activities we have in common such as education, investment, business cooperation, and so on. Congratulations.”

Hon. Peter Beattie, former Premier and Minister for Trade Queensland, Australia


Breaks down regional barriers

“The SC Clips service is a great resource for our newspapers’ editors and reporters, and it’s an asset for anyone who does business in South Carolina. Quick access to statewide information breaks down South Carolina’s regional barriers and brings attention to the vital work of community newspapers. We’re glad Andy Brack had the vision to do it.”

Graham Osteen, vice president, Osteen Publishing Co., The Item of Sumter


I don’t know how we did without this

“A daily digest of South Carolina news is a good idea never done well until SC Clips. It’s the best daily news digest I receive. Good news judgment, timely and always helpful. I don’t know how we did without it.”

Columbia news radio executive (name withheld by request)